===How to Gain Crystal===

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===How to Gain Crystal===

Post  Kuina on Sat Dec 08, 2012 9:54 pm

Need crystal?
1. You can get crystal by lucky when you win battle with mob, from slave in arena, Divine, Fiend Nucleus, Arena Rewards, Coliseum, Rsc. War Digging, and Online Hours gift.

2. But the easiest way to get crystal is from Mining which will be unlocked when u reach level 35.

3. Choose the spot that STILL have crystal and place your pet it is also increase mining spot DEF.

4. Upgrade your guild tech [Crystal Collection] to increase the number of crystal that you will gained

5. Your pet can only do mining for 8 hours only, more than that will not be included.

6. You can also attack opposite faction mining spot to take over the mining spot.

7. Each rank given different number of attack in other means the higher your rank the much attack can you do on mining spot and of course it can increase the number of pet that you can use to mining.

8. You also can gain medal in each battle (medal counted on how much damage that you dealt per battle)

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