Sigil Introduction

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Sigil Introduction

Post  RogerSS on Sat Dec 08, 2012 9:53 pm

Well this is for the new guildies that start the game for further knowledge.This one is about sigils.
For starters Sigils are and option that enhances characters aptitude against 2 types of monsters:

1.against Direct monster (goes up to +100% damage)
2.against Indirect monster (goes up to +50% damage)
Sigils can be lvled up to lvl 10 so each level will increase for :
Direct enemies: +10% damage against per level
Indirect enemies: +5% damage against per level

Each and every sigil has advantage over 2 other sigils while haveing disadvantage against other 2 so :

Direct enemies go like this :
knight >dragon >monster > elf > beast >knight
Indirect enemies go like this :

knight >monster
dragon >elf
monster > beast
elf > knight
beast >dragon

For the weakness part its just vice versa:)


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