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<< How to GET elements >>

Post  kadestoz on Sun Dec 09, 2012 3:33 pm

How to GET elements

Here are some ways to get elements:

1. Every time the game reset, there will be an icon 'PANDORA' on the screen. The amount of 'PANDORA' depends on your position.

2. Elements Cards can be gain from Reward and Mobs.

3. Mind Quiz. Yes, it mind boggling. Sometimes you can get elements and sometimes you get golds.

4. Guild Signup. Same concept with Mind Quiz.

5. Daily Must-DO. Once you reach the required Active Point, you can claim the CHEST. Elements you can gain when you reach Active Point 60, 140 and 200.

6. Crystal Dismantle. Upgrade your equipment then dismantle them using crystal (50 crystal). Prefer equipment lvl 60 above. Make sure to upgrade them first so that you can gain lots of elements.


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