How to lvl Dragon Sigil to lvl 10

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How to lvl Dragon Sigil to lvl 10

Post  RogerSS on Sat Dec 08, 2012 10:55 pm

Well since we got through Sigils now its time to Lvl Dragon Sigil.

Its started at lvl 40 at Color Bay. You get there from City of Dawn:

by talking to ColorBay Teleporter:

Once there you have 2 choices :
Do hard way : (sigil bonus xp multiplied by 1 )-wear other sigil
-fast kill of monsters
-low sigil xp
Do easy way: (sigil bonus xp multiplied by 2 ) - wear dragon sigil
-double sigil xp
-slower kill
Each dragon type monster kill =40 sigil xp

If you think that killing faster = more sigil xp , you are WRONG in that map there are about 3-4 monster that getting into a fight with them will get you to kill dragon type monsters and ,killing dragon type monsters is the only way to lvl Dragon Sigil,Monster type monster for Monster Sigil and so on.

There are only 2 types of monsters you need to fight ,the others are useless ,avoid them:

holds 2 sea dragon => 2x 40xp x 1 =80 sigil xp for hard way
=> 2x 40xp x 2 =160 sigil xp for easy way
-Sea Dragon:

holds 3 sea dragon => 3x 40xp x 1=120 sigil xp for hard way
=>3x 40xp x 2 =240 sigil xp for easy way

You`d wana stick around here untill Dragon Sigil lvl 6 since after that xp gap gets only higher and you won`t handle the time or energy consumption.
TIP:Enter fight 3 times with one of those 2 you find and reenter map, because after some time there will be no monsters to fight in the map so that way you reset monsters in.Repeat procedure

For the 6-10 lvl part you have to go to Wonderland.You get there from City of Hero and you enter here :

Level requirement lvl 70 ,you have to be pretty strong (7k ++ atk) + strong pets ,since monsters here tend to deal high dmg and have high hp.
Here its easier and its not time comsuming anymore since almost every monster summon at least one dragon type monster.

WARNING: The level of the monsters you fight doesn`t increase sigil xp you get, its the same.40xp/monster when you wear other sigil // 80xp/monster when you wear dragon sigil.


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